Aquinas Capital Funding



Aquinas Capital Funding was established in 2017 to address the growing demand for alternative financing from merchants in the entire US. It prides itself on its integrity, honesty, reliability, effectiveness, and always setting merchants up with proper expectations of the best, most convenient and beneficial business funding alternatives. Since Aquinas Capital Funding’s inception, it has become a business funding powerhouse in the merchant cash advance industry. Aquinas capital Funding has served some of the most respected and well-known businesses from startups to medium and large businesses to their complete satisfaction, ranging from boutique online startups to large manufacturing facilities that needed capital to expand their logistical and operational activities.

The Constraints

Prior to partnering with Best Option Co,  Aquinas Capital Funding was experiencing bottlenecks in the expansion of its operations due to its lack of an online presence and an efficient way to quickly and seamlessly collect merchant applications in order to process these at a faster and more efficient user-friendly pace.  

The staff had been working with various software programs that had not been integrated into a central customer relationship management system, so they were more like frustrating clients by losing and wasting precious time with repetitive tasks that could have been successfully solved with a comprehensive business software solution. 

There was no conversion in Google Analytics set up on their site so they could not track the traffic that was visiting their website. Aquinas Capital Funding could not make the wise, important decisions based on this tremendously valuable data because it was missing the business intelligence setup through Google Data Studio.  

Like many small businesses, Aquinas Capital Funding was restricted by their budget from hiring an experienced and established software development company to provide them the results they so urgently needed. Despite not being at all satisfied with their online operational activities due to the use of many software programs to deliver their services, they were unsure of which company to hire for their urgent web needs because choosing the wrong company would have led to an enormous loss of valuable time and the limited resources they were working with.

Best Option’s Approach = Very Positive Return On Investment

The first step in Best Option Co’s transformation of Aquinas Capital Funding was the development of an in-depth website strategy that completely helped all parties clearly and concisely understand the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities found. During this process, our Best Option Co Team identified three key areas the new process would have to include:

  • An easier way to collect online Applications that zap directly to the CRM
  • An easier way to manage client relationships
  • A fast way to demonstrate real value to prospective clients by providing an online account to all its clients.

Innovative Design, Features & Functions

To solidify the website’s role as a user-friendly integral and essential part of Aquinas Capital Funding, our Best Option team implemented several new site features. Some of these were an online Application that tracks IP and document origination and that merchants can sign; this allows the Aquinas Capital Funding team to easily increase delivery and response time by over 30%, plus we configured a robust CRM for its staff to seamlessly manage the merchant Applications that began to flood online, and we created an online account feature for all its merchant clients. Finally, we set up analytics on the site to give the Aquinas Capital Funding team the ability to make split-second executive decisions based on real-time priceless data.

Updated Website Infrastructure

During our CRM and website strategy, our Best Option team identified three core user segments the new CRM and website needed to serve: 

Aquinas Capital Funding’s staff, merchants, and lenders. These audiences helped set the goalposts as our UI, UX, and Development teams developed the website architecture, an effort that resulted in several purpose-built innovations, as well as configuring the robust CRM. Most noteworthy of these is a unique account management experience for its merchants and bringing an ease of process for its Funding Agents.

New Content Management Solution

At the core of the Aquinas Capital Funding brand is its relationship with all its merchant clients – a strategic pillar that had to translate to digital. To accomplish this, our Best Option team developed the website on the MYSQL database, integrated it with Zoho CRM with Zapier, thus giving Aquinas Capital Funding the ability to update information all the while making it transparent to its Funding Agents and merchant accounts through its new-and-improved Best Option world-class website.

Positive Impact On The Bottom Line

In this increasingly digital world, Aquinas Capital Funding now has a world-class website integrated with a standout CRM that stands alone, by itself, and is a trending viable competitor. Meanwhile, all its merchant clients are now happily enjoying the highly efficient, stress-free, easy and seamlessly user-friendly online application process. With this new digital foundation permanently established, sky’s the limit when it comes to future innovation and expansion – setting the stage for a new, and exciting chapter in Aquinas Capital Funding’s success story. Not in a matter of years, but in just mere months, Best Option Co created Aquinas Capital Funding’s website and integration with the highest quality,  yet so underpriced that it was comfortably well within their budget and resources. They are so thrilled and still cannot believe their great fortunes that began when a business friend recommended Best Option Co to them.

Notwithstanding the pandemic, traffic and business via Aquinas Capital Funding’s website have so quickly and greatly optimized, scaled,  and multiplied tremendously, that its fully satisfied owners are so pleased all the way to the bank, with both their now highly-successful business and their new website