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Auto Repair

Go-Green Auto Service Corp opened in Brooklyn, New York, to serve all the auto repair needs of the region’s growing community. Go-Green Auto Service Corp prides itself on integrity and superb auto repair services of the 1-stop variety of the highest quality and the best prices around the Big Apple. Since its founding, it has become a reliable, go-to staple in Brooklyn, New York, that has served thousands of satisfied car parents throughout the greater New York City area. 

The Constraints

Prior to meeting Best Option Co, Go-Green Auto Service Corp was seeing its sales plummeting to other competitors that were successfully advertising online. The staff had no control over the content on their main company website, so they could never update it without first reaching out to the freelance developer who stopped web gigs to get a full-time job. Go-Green Auto Service Corp’s website was not showing up on Google’s Search Engine for valuable keywords that would have landed them substantial jobs that they were losing to their competitors.  

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most potent digital marketing strategies that drive long-term results in digital marketing, and yet Go-Green Auto Service Corp had no SEO on their site, either. So they did not have a method or process to optimize their online content to increase their website’s position on search engine results pages (SERPs) on sites such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing, so that those search engines could show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword. Best Option Co knows all the tricks of the trade, and thus knows all too well that, the way search engines accomplish this, is that they rank all relevant online information by order of quality and relevance.

There was no conversion in Google Analytics set up on their site so they could not track the traffic that was visiting their site. Because of this, Go-Green Auto Service Corp wasn’t empowered to make important decisions based on that missing valuable data that was not being tracked.  

Like many small businesses, Go-Green Auto Service Corp was budget-limited from hiring an experienced and established digital marketing agency at the going rate. Despite the fact they were not satisfied with their website and the poor online experience they were providing their clients, Go-Green Auto Service Corp was not sure which web company to trust. They were far from satisfied with their previous website’s design, but the boutique agencies they contacted were too expensive for a redesign, so they believed they were stuck with their lackluster website. Until they happened to contact Best Option Co. 

Best Option’s Approach = Very Positive Return On Investment

For Best Option Co, the first step in transforming Go-Green Auto Service Corp was the development of an in-depth website strategy that effectively helped all parties clearly understand all of Go-Green Auto Service Corp’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. During this process, our team identified three key areas the new website would have to provide: Increase traffic and access to key content and social media content, such as getting Go-Green Auto Service Corp to rank first for the search result “auto repair shops in Brooklyn”, and providing ongoing news feeds and blogs to demonstrate real value to prospective clients.

Innovative Design, Features & Functions

  1. To solidify the website’s role as a user-friendly companion for Go-Green Auto Service Corp’s users, our team implemented several new site features. These include, a WordPress Content Management System (CMS), which allows Team Go-Green to serve users by updating news in real-time, and a chat set up on the site to give Team Go-Green Auto Service Corp the ability to chat with users in real-time via their mobile phones that visit the site. 

Updated Website Infrastructure

During our website strategy, our Best Option team identified two core user segments the new website needed to serve:  Go-Green Auto Service Corp’s staff, and prospective clients. These audiences helped set the goalposts as our UI, UX, and Development teams developed the website architecture, an effort that resulted in several purpose-built innovations. Most notable of these was installing a lead generating marketing machine by integrating the Google Ads conversion tracking code in the web form to capture lead data, which subsequently lets Google know which users to turn into clients for Go-Green Auto Service Corp.

New Content Management Solution

At the core of the Go-Green Auto Service Corp brand is its relationship with clients – a strategic pillar that had to translate to digital trending. To accomplish this, our team developed their website on the WordPress content management platform, thus giving Go-Green Auto Service Corp the easy ability to publish appealing content on demand. 

Positive Impact On The Bottom Line

  1. In an increasingly digital world, Go-Green Auto Service Corp now has a standout website that stands trending as a viable competitor in this Internet age. Meanwhile, its clients are enjoying faster service, relevant content, and booking repair appointments with the ease of a few clicks. With this new digital foundation laid out, there’s virtually no limit when it comes to future innovation and expansion – setting the stage for a new and very exciting chapter in Go-Green Auto Service Corp’s online success story. In addition to creating a lead generation machine for Go-Green Auto Service Corp, Best Option Co gave them a tremendous Social Media omnipresence. We curated their Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google My Business profiles, which has led to an increase of 23% in business scaling and continues to show an upward trend.

Traffic and business via Go-Green Auto Service Corp’s website has multiplied, and its owners are pleased all the way to the bank, both with business and their website and its design and functions. The owners also finally are enjoying complete control of their website and content now without having to go through a developer, and their entire website is backed up and secure. It can’t get any better! Appointments, repairs, and replacements are being completed much more seamlessly and quicker – to the satisfaction of both Go-Green Auto Service Corp and the happy loyal client – thanks to the prowess of its dynamic new website and its features and functions professionally developed by Team Best Option Co. So now, thanks to Best Option’s exemplary work, Go-Green Auto Service Corp’s website is complete and better than it can ever be, and business has scaled so much that it is booming better than ever. The owners of Go-Green Auto Service Corp never expected such tremendous improvement in an upper echelon level of the auto repair industry, and referred a few business men and women to us from their circle. It is all relevant and intertwined, due to the digital age of technology we live in today, and Best Option’s expertise and experience that vitally and essentially makes such great business websites a too important must-have  to businesses today.

“Best Option me creó un sitio web que es increíble para mi taller de reparación de automóviles. Es muy fácil de usar y me ha traído muchos más negocios nuevos. Mi taller ahora tiene mucha exposición, por lo que ahora con regularidad también consigo muchos clientes nuevos. Todos mis clientes ahora también pueden reservar citas para ajustes, cambios de aceite y semejantes obras directamente en mi sitio web. Esto me tiene muy feliz porque ha ayudado a que mi negocio crezca y se multiplique muchas veces, comparado con cuando yo no tenía un sitio web.”


Go Green Auto Service Corp