Hyperscrub Petcare

Better doggie hygiene directly through digital transformation



Hyperscrub Petcare was founded in 2018 by a board-certified surgeon named Dr. Robert Plummer. After using microfiber brushes to clean his hands, Dr. Robert Plumer came up with the idea of using the same to clean his dog’s paws at home. Right then and there came the genius idea for the birth of the great and completely effective Hyperscrub Petcare. The focus of Hyperscrub has always been to provide an authentic surgical scrub brush experience, previously unavailable for general use.

The Constraints

Team Hyperscrub Petcare only had a Facebook page to peddle its great products on because they lacked a website. The efficient staff always had wonderful ideas and a proactive vision for it but lacked the technical resources required to bring them all to fruition. They dreamed of their website being on the Shopify platform, made like Kylie Cosmetics and ColourPop. However, as with many small businesses, there were constraints of resources even though, as a renowned and successful surgeon, its frugal owner had more than enough investment money, but his thriftiness made it too difficult on him to decide upon a company to build and handle everything having to do with his very first and so essential website. Eventually, the situation was finally resolved when a close friend happened to highly recommend both Best Option Co’s quality AND prices – the perfect combo Dr. Plummer – Hyperscrub Petcare’s inventor, founder, and owner – had been searching and hoping for, as well as counting on.

Best Option’s Approach = Very Positive Return On Investment

Best Option Co turned out to be a complete godsent to Hyperscrub Petcare. The first step in the digital transformation of Hyperscrub Petcare was the development of a comprehensive website strategy that would allow all parties involved understand the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of their online interactions, transactions, and presence. During this process, our Best Option team identified two key areas that the new website would need to fulfill: Increase both traffic and sales.

Innovative Design, Features & Functions

To solidify the role of their website as an essential companion for Hyperscrub Petcare’s business operations and for its users, our Best Option team implemented several important site features that were much-needed must-haves. Some of these were building the website on the Shopify platform, thereby allowing Team Hyperscrub Petcare to serve all their users with updated product news in real-time, with an online shopping solution to sell every one of their world-class petcare products online. Along with this magnificent ecommerce solution, Best Option Co added an affiliate plugin that allows all their affiliate users the sharing of their link to earn commissions for each and every Hyperscrub sale they help make happen. This very platform also allows Hyperscrub Petcare the ease to directly offer their customers discounts right on their dynamic website.

Updated Website Infrastructure

After completing our website strategy, our world-class Best Option team identified two core user segments their website needed to serve: Hyperscrub Petcare’s staff and their pet-owner customers. Both of these audiences helped set the goalposts as our UI, UX, and Development teams developed the website’s architecture, an effort that successfully resulted in several purpose-built dynamic innovations. Most notable of these is a unique shopping experience for pet supplies – giving every client the convenient and satisfying experience they deserve from their now-favorite online petcare store.

New Content Management Solution

At the core of the Hyperscrub Petcare brand is its relationship with its countless pet-owner customers and their beloved pets– a trajectory line of action that simply had to be digitally translated into today’s modern tech trends. To achieve this, our Best Option team developed the website on the Shopify content management platform, thus giving Hyperscrub Petcare’s team the ability to seamlessly publish any and all content on demand right on the spot.

Positive Impact On The Bottom Line

Best Option Co ensured that Hyperscrub Petcare’s website is a viable and standout contender of our time, as its customers are happily enjoying easy, speedy ordering, discounts, special offers, and great customer support, with affiliates having the ability to get appealing commissions. With this new digital foundation professionally in place at the highest quality, the sky’s the limit for future innovation and expansion; translation: Best Option covered all the bases as usual and thus has left the way already perfectly paved for a new and exciting future chapter in the continuously successful Hyperscrub Petcare story as it just keeps on scaling and scaling seamlessly – all thanks to Best Option’s expertise, experience, work ethics rich in quality, responsibility, and creativity, etc. If it’s not in the category of the best company websites, then Best Option Co was not involved in it.