Igor’s Clean Cuts:

Booking Cuts through digital transformation


Hair Salon

Igor’s Clean Cuts opened in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York, to serve the trendy residents of this dynamic neighborhood with fresh cuts. Igor’s Clean Cuts boasts a healthy atmosphere and reliable and constant fresh cuts. Since Igor’s Clean Cuts began, it has grown into a staple in the Lower East Side, they have served some of the most dynamic individuals, from online startup entrepreneurs to some of the biggest landlords in New York.

The Constraints

Before Igor’s Clean Cuts met with Best Option Co, they didn’t have a website. Igor’s Clean Cuts was seeing its sales decline slowly because of competitors popping up with effective online reservation systems on their websites. There was no way staff could distribute online content and promote it to potential customers because there was no social media involved, but that all changed when Best Option Co entered the room.  

Igor’s Clean Cuts’ budget did not allow them to hire an experienced and well-established digital marketing agency like many other small businesses, but Best Option Co worked with its budget and incorporated Square Appointments into its website.

Best Option’s Approach = Very Positive Return On Investment

The first step in the transformation of Igor’s Clean Cuts was to develop an in-depth strategy for the website that helped all parties understand the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of the business. During this process, our team identified two key areas that the new website would need to address: Increase traffic and facilitate online appointment scheduling for customers.

Innovative Design, Features & Functions

To reinforce the website’s role as a companion to Igor’s Clean Cuts users, our team implemented several new site features. Some of these were a WordPress CMS, which enabled Igor’s Clean Cuts’ staff to serve users by updating news in real-time with fresh content. We have incorporated the square appointments on the website so that customers can schedule them on their own. Finally, we trained the team on how to use the Square Calendar to manage the appointments their customers made.

Updated Website Infrastructure

Over the course of our website strategy, the Best Option team identified two core user segments the new website needed to serve: Igor’s Clean Cuts staff, and its clients. These audiences helped set the goalposts as our UI, UX, and Development teams were in the process of developing the website’s architecture, an effort that resulted in several purpose-built innovations. Most notable of these is a unique haircut booking system– giving every client the high-quality experience they deserve from their favorite barber. They no longer have to wait for a haircut at the shop. This also made the barbershop more COVID safe, preventing large crowds indoors.

New Content Management Solution

At the core of the Igor’s Clean Cuts brand is its relationship with clients – a strategic direction that needed to be integrated into the digital domain. To that end, our team developed the website on the Square Appointment and the WordPress content management platforms. Thus, giving Igor’s Clean Cuts the easy ability to publish content on demand, collect payments, and manage the client appointments with ease on their mobile phones.

Positive Impact On The Bottom Line

In an increasingly digital world, Igor’s Clean Cuts now has a website that can stand up and be a viable competitor in our day and age.  Meanwhile, customers are taking advantage of online bookings, relevant content and avoiding long wait times, especially during this pandemic. With this new digital base in place, there’s virtually no limit for innovation and future expansion – opening the door to an exciting new chapter in Igor’s Clean Cuts’ story.  

Traffic and haircut appointments through Igor’s Clean Cuts website have multiplied, the owners are happy with the business and their new website as well as its design. The owners also now have full control of their website and content without going through a developer, their entire website is backed up. Thanks to our work, Igor’s Clean Cuts website is now complete and better than ever, and business is prospering greatly in spite of the pandemic. It’s all relevant and intertwined, given the digital age of technology that we live in today, which makes business websites vital and critical  – too important – to business today.

“My website provides content and features that effectively help my prospective clients clearly understand the type of services and products we offer. Our clients appreciate this and we appreciate Best Option did this for us. I gladly recommend Best Option to make your website.”

Igor Iskiyev

Igor’s Clean Cuts