Jason Youngclaus

Creating a home for the wild ones through digital transformation



Jason Youngclaus founded jasonyoungclaus.com to share his music and poetry through the Internet. He moved to Washington Heights, NYC with two of his friends. Having held a number of small jobs, Jason began a career in progressive politics. However, he always kept his musical palette and his creative ability to write lyrics. In 2019, Jason decided to put his music and poetry collection online at jasonyoungclaus.com.

The Constraints

Jason Youngclaus had a vision for a website, but did not know how to carry it out. Even though he knew he could learn to build a site on his own, he preferred to hire an agency who could build it for him exactly how he envisioned it and for the purpose he intended to achieve. However, the prices boutique NYC agencies wanted to charge Jason were well above his budget.

Best Option’s Approach = Very Positive Return On Investment

The first step to getting the Jason Youngclaus brand online was the development of a comprehensive website strategy that helped all parties involved understand the areas of opportunity that needed to be strengthened. Over the course of this process, our Best Option Co team identified two key areas the new website would have to fulfill: Increase traffic and facilitate the listening of Jason’s music and the reading of his amazing poetry.

Innovative Design, Features & Functions

To reinforce the role of the website as an essential companion for Jason Youngclaus fans, our Best Option team implemented a number of new features for his site. Like a WordPress CMS, which allows Jason Youngclaus to fully and satisfyingly serve all his site users by updating news in real-time, plus a complete menu of an online shopping solution to sell his hoodies and all his rich and diverse accessories. Finally, we set up poetry and music links so every user right there on the site can enjoy themselves by reading and/or listening to Jason Youngclaus’ masterpieces of creative art in the forms of music and poetry.

Updated Website Infrastructure

As part of our website strategy, our world-class Best Option team identified two primary user segments that the new website must serve: Jason Youngclaus and his valued, loyal users. To get there, we dynamically built the site on the following three platforms, WordPress, Active Campaign, and Shopify.

New Content Management Solution

At the heart of Jason Youngclaus’ brand is his connection with loyal readers and listeners, a strategic pillar that in this day and age needed to be translated into digital. To that end, our elite Best Option team developed the website on the WordPress content management platform, thus allowing Jason Youngclaus to easily publish any and all content on demand. Best Option created popup forms and integrated them with Active Campaign to make it easy for Jason Youngclaus to reach his many readers and listeners. And finally, we created a Shopify shop to sell hoodies and all Jason Youngclaus merchandise and memorabilia right off his Youtube channel and website.

Positive Impact On The Bottom Line

Jason Youngclaus now has a standout website that is complete in features and whatnot, that can compete in this digital world with any other contender of his time and industry. Meanwhile, his readers and listeners are now able to always find him easily. With this new digital foundation, the sky’s the limit for any future development and growth (and believe me you, they’re forthcoming!) – laying the groundwork for an exciting new chapter in the highly successful Jason Youngclaus brand story.

By taking advantage of the LinkedIn platform and proprietary lead generation techniques, Best Option was able to obtain Jason Youngclaus regular organic traffic from target readers and listeners and transform them into loyal clients. Jason Youngclaus is thrilled and excited about both his status quo and what lies ahead.