Liquidela opened its doors in NYC to hop right in the race to help combat the debt relief needs of American families struggling to make it, who were anchored and weighed down by unmanageable debt that was overwhelming them. Since its inception, Liquidela has served over 100,000 families, helping them survive, start anew, and eventually make it to live the American Dream. Liquidela is huge on honesty, integrity, attention to detail, and reliability.

The Digital Constraints

Before partnering with Best Option Co, Liquidela started to see its sales drop and fall into the hands of their debt relief competitors who had kept up with the times by having dynamic websites and aggressive digital marketing and SEO strategies. Liquidela’s staff barely had any control over the content of their inferior, outdated company website that periodically got hacked because it was unsecure as well. Thus, they were unable to make necessary, important updates when they were supposed to be made without first going on a very stressful and inconvenient, time-consuming wild goosechase in an attempt to reach its generic developer rich in frills. Pre-Best Option, Liquidela’s website had not once ever appeared on Google’s search engine since the relevant keywords with the value that would have landed them countless lucrative deals were always missing. Consequently, these rich deals were being lost to their competitors.

Liquidela had no search engine optimization (SEO) on their site, even though SEO is one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies that drives long-term results in this important field. So they were lacking a process or method to optimize their online content in order to increase their website’s position on search engine results pages (SERPs) on sites such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, that would have made all the difference in the world, as far as prompting those search engines to show Liquidela as a top result for searches of a certain, targeted keyword. History unfailingly repeats itself, as all relevant information online is always ranked by search engines by order of relevance and quality.

In addition to this, no conversion was set up on their site for Google Analytics, leaving them helpless to track the traffic visiting their website. So none of Liquidela’s very important business decisions could be made based on this precious data for lack thereof.

Liquidela was totally unfamiliar with any of the “respectable, professional” digital marketing agencies that popped up as one of the top options in the results of their online quests for rescuing help with their ailing website. So, due to Liquidela’s complete disdain and dissatisfaction with their website’s design, functionality and the poor online experience it was “victimizing” their clients with, they were panicked and petrified by the thought of not finding the right web company they could trust to finally resolve their digital dilemma and not turn out to be a clone of their original website creators. This is the turmoil they were in when Best Option Co came to the rescue.

Best Option’s Approach = Very Positive Return On Investment

The first step in transforming Liquidela was the development of an in-depth website strategy to help all parties involved clearly understand the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of the company’s web positioning. During this process, our Best Option team identified three KEY areas the new website would have to resolve:
  • Increase traffic and access to key content, such as getting Liquidela to rank first for the search result “debt relief companies”. 
  • Provide ongoing news feeds in real time.
  • Demonstrate real value to prospective clients by integrating the site with all the features and functions required for this industry.

Innovative Design, Features & Functions

Our Best Option team solidified their website’s role as a user-friendly, essential companion for Liquidela’s users by implementing several new site features. Some of these were a WordPress CMS (Content Management System) with a two-factor authentication security that allows Team Liquidela to serve updated news in real-time to their users without worrying about being hacked.

The Liquidela team also now has the ability to chat with users who visit their site in real-time from their mobile phones with the chat option Best Option set up for them.

Updated Website Infrastructure

During our website strategy, the two core user audiences that the new website needed to serve were also identified by our Best Option team: Liquidela’s staff and the clients for debt relief. These audiences helped set the goalposts as our UI, UX, and Development teams developed the website architecture, an effort that resulted in purpose-built innovations. Most notable of these is a quick and easy application form and process right from the site, that provides debt relief clients a delightful experience and complete customer satisfaction because now they are fully taken care of seamlessly with such simplicity and speed.

New Content Management Solution

At the core of the Liquidela brand is its relationship with its clients – a strategic pillar that had to be transformed into a dynamic digital trend. Best Option empowered Liquidela with the ability to easily make instant updates and publish useful content at will by developing the website on the WordPress content management platform so that this may be accomplished.

Positive Impact On The Bottom Line

In the increasingly digital world of our cyber universe, Liquidela now has an enviable website, a viable competitor that holds its own in this computer age, seamlessly facilitating every solution to all the needs of both audiences. Meanwhile, its delighted clients are now enjoying speedier services, from the qualifications process to the application process and their program’s entire process, the new site makes it all possible fast and easy with the ease of clicks. This new digital foundation Best Option laid out so solidly for Liquidela also facilitates future innovations and expansion. So Sky’s now the limit for Liquidela – as Best Option has set the stage for them for a new, exciting chapter in Liquidela’s rich success story. In barely a couple of months, Best Option Co managed to get Liquidela ranking on the FIRST page of Google search results for keywords north of $50 per click, such as “debt settlement”, “debt relief companies”, “debt consolidation”, “debt relief”, “debt relief near me”, as well as “debt settlement companies.”

Business and traffic via Liquidela’s new and completely improved website, with its trendy, futureproof design, has exponentially multiplied amazingly, and its owners are kept so pleased all the way to the bank. Its owners can make updates in its content every time they please without having to go through the ordeal of a developer because now they have complete control of their website and all its content. Their new website is entirely backed up and secure. All transactions and interactions are being performed and completed much more seamlessly and quicker than ever before – to the complete satisfaction of both Liquidela and their clients. Liquidela now has it all, for they are very professional, established and now so organized with such a dynamic website. So now, thanks to Best Option’s mastery of an exemplary website, Liquidela’s website is as best as can be and complete, and their business has been flourishing and scaling more than ever. It is all intertwined and relevant, as Liquidela’s successful scaling can be traced to their new website, due to the digital age of technology we live in today, that makes the company website of any business so essential and indispensable – vitally too important a must-have for businesses not to have nowadays.