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Best Option Co makes it possible for Southwest Physical Therapy to bring more patients back to health with Dynamic Digital Transformation


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Southwest Physical Therapy has been providing physical therapy in Brooklyn and the Big Apple community for well over 15 years. They treat countless conditions and symptoms, from fibromyalgia to whiplash, and, among other wonderful things,  provide chronic pain relief, improved mobility, restored function, increased strength and flexibility, proper alignment, improved blood circulation, minimizes stress levels, allows for peace in your life and greatly improves quality of sleep and life, all while boosting the immune system (especially important now during the COVID-19 pandemic!)

When the Internet was discovered, Southwest Physical Therapy had an online brochure of a business website, and only its developer had control of everything having to do with it, and, when one day he suddenly disappeared, so did Southwest PT’s ability to make any updates to it. Ever since then, Southwest Physical Therapy has always wanted a nice and efficient user-friendly company website that featured ecommerce, where patients could do it all, from booking their appointment to paying for services right there, as well as making online purchases  like that of Gift Cards for treatment sessions all on their Southwest PT website. But Aracelli the owner didn’t know which web company to place her trust on. Till one day, her cousin recommended Best Option Co and the rest is a successful and happy history for both parties involved.

The Constraints

Southwest Physical Therapy was blessed to actually have had no real constraints, for they have always had an abundance of loyal patients after more than three decades of effective work helping every one of her patients. Aracelli  also had some savings as well. Besides, after shopping around to compare Best Option’s prices, she was pleased to learn their prices were below market rate compared to everyone else. The only thing was that it was a lot of work for Best Option, because Southwest Physical Therapy needed everything done, the whole enchilada, a brand new company website starting from scratch, from the very beginning and with full power – all the powers, the important, needed features, etc., –  and that’s exactly what Best Option provided. After all, we aim to please, you know.

Best Option’s Approach = Very Positive Return On Investment

A lovely, modernly-designed, user-friendly website that is rich in features, great content and blogs, and also with catchy social media posts Monday thru Friday on five (5) different social media platforms, to wit, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My business, and LinkedIn, replete with relevant images and image texts. Incredibly, Southwest Physical Therapy’s business scaled up a whopping 40% with the new website Best Option created and maintains for them, selling Gift Cards for treatment sessions and seamlessly booking more appointments. Yes, they’re selling the Gift Cards right on the website and book appointments there and everything else as well. It even has videos and ebooks and automated emails and webinars. Completely loaded with all the latest tech toys for websites! It’s what we at the BO Company call  #ELITE #MASSIVEACTION.

Innovative Design, Features & Functions

Best Option set up a conversion tracker in Google Analytics for Southwest Physical Therapy’s website so they can track the traffic that visits their website, which has empowered them to wisely make important decisions based on that valuable data that is being tracked and monitored right there on their new website.

They have SEO on their new site, too. So they now have a method/process to optimize their online content to increase their website’s position on search engine results pages (SERPs) on search engine sites such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, so that those search engines can show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword for Physical Therapy Clinics in Brooklyn and the Big Apple. Best Option Co knows all the tricks of the trade, and thus knows all too well that, the way search engines accomplish this, is that they rank all relevant online information by order of quality and relevance. The website’s beautiful design even blends well with the physical therapy industry.

Updated Website Infrastructure

Yes, so during our website strategy, our Best Option team identified three core user segments the new website needed to accomodate: Southwest Physical Therapy, its loyal patient base, and its prospective patients. These audiences helped set the goalposts as our UI, UX, and Development teams accordingly created the website architecture, an individualized effort that resulted in various needed and most useful purpose-built innovations just as Aracelli wanted and more. Most notable of these was installing a lead generating marketing machine by integrating the Google Ads conversion tracking code in web form to capture lead data, which subsequently lets Google know which users to turn into valuable patients for Southwest Physical Therapy.

New Content Management Solution

At the core of the Southwest Physical Therapy brand is its relationship with all its patients – a strategic pillar that was screaming to be translated into the modern digital realm. To achieve this, our world-class Best Option team developed the website on the WordPress content management platform, thus giving Southwest Physical Therapy the easy ability of publishing, at their leisure, catchy content on demand that was very appealing to their numerous patients, and of providing much better patient service as well – far better by a very long shot.

Positive Impact On The Bottom Line

So, Aracelli beams that it has all been a wonderful godsend of an experience with Best Option Co that she ‘d readily recommend to anyone in need of a business website with all the powers and maintenance, for she considers Best Option to be perfect _ even their prices. What a win-win situation this has been for both Southwest Physical Therapy wisely choosing the best of the very best in Best Option Co! Thank you so much, Guys at Southwest Physical Therapy, for all the referrals and recommendations you have since sent our way; you guys have been the very best to work with, and it’s been such a great pleasure and honor for Best Option Co to do so with such a grateful group that acknowledges quality and dedication as you do! Stay safe so y’all can enjoy your cash register website that will bring you a highly successful and lucrative future! Cheers!

“I’m so very happy with Best Option’s tech services. They handle all my blog posts, email marketing, website integration and updates – EVERYTHING! They’ve had such a tremendously positive impact in my overall business operations that has positioned my business to grow month by month.”


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