Travelpreneur Tribe

Travelpreneur Tribe is creating location-independent successful online careers for aspiring entrepreneurs through dynamic digital transformation thanks to Best Option Co


Business Coaching

Travelpreneur Tribe opened to serve ambitiously aspiring entrepreneur’s organizational and business intelligence needs. Travelpreneur Tribe prides itself on its family or community of entrepreneurs followers on social media who are consistently leveling up. Since the inception of Travelpreneur Tribe, it has become a staple in the online community with valuable, helpful products such as Launchgenix, Businessgenix and Business Canvas. Since it was founded, Travelpreneur Tribe has served some of the most respected and well-known businesses such as Start New Financial, Best Option Co, and Liquidela.

The Constraints

Prior to meeting Best Option Co, Travelpreneur seeked a partner who could spring its ideas to life. However, Mia Scuric, Travelpreneur Tribe’s founder, did not have the resources to deploy a fulltime content writer. As a result, Mia had to go through the cumbersome process of researching and writing the content herself.

Email Marketing is one of the most potent digital marketing strategies that drive long-term results in digital marketing, especially automated email marketing, and Travelpreneur Tribe had no type of email marketing set up either. So they did not have a method or process to optimize email marketing to acquire new, high-paying clients.

Best Option’s Approach = Very Positive Return On Investment

The first step in transforming Travelpreneur Tribe was the development of an ICP (initial customer profile) in which Best Option Co would match the value that Travelpreneur Tribe offers to the initial customer profile. During this process, our team identified three key areas the email marketing campaign had to impact: Increase traffic and access to key content of the following three products: the Business Model Canvas, Launchgenix, and Businessgenix.

Innovative Design, Features & Functions

To solidify the email marketing campaigns as an essential companion of Travelpreneur Tribe’s users, our Best Option team implemented several new and much-needed site features. Of these, there were some that were a whole new design that were more user-friendly and content-driven, which easily allowed Travelpreneur Tribe to scale up their website with competent SEO strategies.

Updated Website Infrastructure

Despite the dynamic email marketing campaign, Team Best Option Co consulted Travelpreneur Tribe on the website structure of their preference. Travelpreneur Tribe’s audiences helped set the goalposts as our UI, UX, and Development teams consulted on the development of the website architecture, a successful strategy and effort that resulted in several purpose-built innovations that were extremely helpful and needed. Most notable of these is a robust WordPress Divi website – giving every client the high-quality experience they so deserve.

New Content Management Solution

At the core of the Travelpreneur Tribe brand is its relationship with its robust clients that all believe in them – a strategic pillar that begged to be translated into today’s modern tech era of digital interpretation/transformation. To accomplish this, our world-class Best Option team developed their website on the WordPress content management platform, thus giving Travelpreneur Tribe the easy ability to publish any content on demand.

Positive Impact On The Bottom Line

In the increasingly digital world, Travelpreneur Tribe now has a fabulous website that stands as a viable competitor in this age. Meanwhile, its customers are all enjoying all its important features with the ease of a couple of clicks. With this new digital foundation laid, the sky’s the limit when it comes to future innovation and expansion – setting the stage for a new and exciting chapter in the Travelpreneur Tribe’s story. In a matter of months, Best Option Co got Travelpreneur Tribe ranking on the first page of Google search results for keywords north of $50 per click.

Traffic and business via Travelpreneur Tribe’s website have multiplied, and the owner is pleased both with business and her website and its design. The owner also now has complete control of her website and content without having to go through a developer, and her entire website is backed up. Bookings and arrangements for providing business coaching and consulting, organizing global startup events, and connecting entrepreneurs with the right business coaches and mentors are being completed much more seamlessly and quicker – to the satisfaction of Travelpreneur Tribe and both the customer and affiliates – thanks to the custom ecommerce store that Best Option built for Travelpreneur Tribe. Every entrepreneur can now purchase all their important services and products such as Launchgenix, Businessgenix and Business Canvas, quickly and conveniently, online from Travelpreneur Tribe. So now, thanks to Best Option’s work, Travelpreneur Tribe’s website is complete and better than ever, and business is booming better than ever as well. It is all relevant and intertwined, due to the digital age of technology we live in today, that makes business websites vital and essential – too important – to business today.

“I am so excited about all the content that Best Option created for my company’s website. My clients are now enjoying faster service with relevant content, and are booking more calls with me with just a few quick clicks. Best Option also created emails for my email marketing campaigns which allows me to focus on serving and teaching my clients instead of staying up all night writing emails. With this new digital foundation Best Option has laid out and permanently established for my thriving business, there’s virtually no limit for future innovation and expansion – which has set the stage for a new and most exciting chapter in my company’s success story.”

Mia Scuric

Travelpreneur Tribe